The Barley Harvest- Book & Audio CD set

110 Page book and 2 CD set of four programs on the barley harvest recorded live in the studio of the God's Final Jubilee Program. 4 half hour programs on 2 CD discs. FREE SHIPPING USA & Canada


Prophecy Unsealed DVD Volume One

Four Sessions on 2 DVD's with Powerpoint Free shipping


God's Final Jubilee 2016 revised edition

2016 Revised and edited edition! Now 258 pages! This book is being proclaimed by some as, “The most up to date study of prophetical events of our day!” Others have called it “a stunning and even chilling revelation of how close we are to the end of the world!” The purpose of this book is to sound the horn to the people of God. Jesus is coming, and He is coming soon!


The Revelation

A guide to help in the study of Revelation! 73 pages that will challenge the scholar while written so that a young Christian can understand.


The Revelation Study Guide emailed to you in a PDF

The Revelation Study Guide emailed to you in a PDFchallenging to the mature Christian. 96 pages, published through Revival Fires.


God's Final Jubilee DVD's

ON SALE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! This is a 6 DVD Prophecy Conference preached on the topics of the book, GOD'S FINAL JUBILEE, in June, 2014. It has around six hours of teaching.


A Seven-fold Promise of His Soon Coming Christmas Special 5 for $25

Christmas Special! 5 books for $25 Free shipping! Great gifts!


Biblical Forgiveness

A powerful book that deals with relationships. One of the most misunderstood doctrines of the Bible. Learn why we are not to forgive unless the person repents


Time is Running Out Tracts (Pack of 100)

100 Beautiful and convicting Tracts.


Phil Hauser Revelation CD set

Six 45 minute messages. A verse by verse look at the Revelation.


Contending for the Faith - A Year long Sunday School Series in PDF

52 lessons in all. A whole year. Each quarter has 13 easy to use lessons laid out in point by point format, with application for the students. This series is geared toward teens through adult. All of the lessons come with a handout for the students, you simply make copies of them


Sugar Grove Echoes CD

A CD we had made after a tragic accident in 1997. The CD was made at Faith Missions Music and has blessed 1000's of folks.


Answers to Life's Biggest Questions

These are good for the new Christian, as well as challenging to the mature Christian. 96 pages, published through Revival Fires.


Meghan Houser singing

Meghan Houser singing CD Free Shipping


Hath God Said

This book deals with the inspiration and preservation of the word of God. Includes a chapter called "Questions for the Greek Scholar." Answers questions like "why some words are in italics, do we have the perfect word of God today, what is Scripture, and much more.