Contending for the Faith - A Year long Sunday School Series in PDF

52 lessons in all. A whole year. Each quarter has 13 easy to use lessons laid out in point by point format, with application for the students. This series is geared toward teens through adult. All of the lessons come with a handout for the students, you simply make copies of them. Here are some of the lessons from the first quarter:

Chapters include:

1. A study of faith
2. How to have victory
3. The Christian armour
4. The truth about Baptismal regeneration
5. Five men who were 100% sure of heaven before they died.
6. False hopes of heaven.

And more! As a former pastor myself, and an adult Sunday School teacher at our church, I know the importance of getting good Biblically based material that is outlined in an understandable format. Money back if not satisfied!

PDF emailed to you.